Types of cell phone holder for your car

Types of cell phone holder for your car 


Use of mobile phone while driving is very much dangerous, so to solve that problem cell phone holder for the car is a perfect fix. With the help of a cell phone holder, drivers can take phone calls, listen to music, use GPS without risking their lives while driving. Using Android auto and apple car play is also very much fun in this case. There are a few types of cell phone holder for the different places you can mount your phone, so it is entirely up to you to decide where you want your phone and then buy the mount accordingly.


Windshield or Dash Mount:


Generally, this kind of a car mount always comes with a suction cup which can be attached to the windshield of your car. These kind of dash mounts are generally adjustable, and you will be able to move it according to the way you want. These mounts are pretty much essential, and not a lot of features are available in these mounts. The worst problem is that the suction cup becomes loose over time and after some time, it refuses to stay attached to the windshield. Generally, the suction cups do not work even if they are new in places where there is too much cold. If you have a car that does not support dash mount, then you will not be able to use these types of mounts. If you have a flat space to mount the mobile, then only you should use these kinds of mount or else you should look for some other option.


Air Vent Car Phone Holder:


The simple concept of this product is that the mount gets attached to the A.C vent helping the phone to stay safe. With the help of this mount, taking a video of the outside of the car is not possible, but navigating roads are very much accessible. Air Vent Car Phone Mount is much more useful than those CD player mounts because with CD player mount the CD player gets obstructed and drivers won’t be able to use it but with A.C vent drivers do not face any inconvenience. The best advantage of the air vent car phone holder is that if you stay in a place which is extremely hot and you encounter issues of excess phone heating, then this mount will always keep your mobile extremely cold.


There are other car phone holders available in the market like the magnetic car phone holder or the mechanical car phone holder, but none of the phone holders is very much reliable. There is always a tension if the mobile will lose its grip and fall. Magnetic holders always lose their hold when there is a vast movement at a swift pace. If you are into off-road and like to travel, then these are the holders you should rely upon. The best amongst all the cell phone mount is the air vent car phone holder which is very much reliable, and anyone can use it in their car.


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